You know the saying… it’s a marathon, not a sprint? In life, we can’t just jump out the gate most of the time. We have to start small and stay consistent.

What’s that other cliche? A little goes a LONG way…

Or how about everything in moderation?

How many times a week do you buy lunch? Grab a coffee or chai tea latte? Pick up an energy drink at the gym? Maybe you love your monthly manicure or that happy hour beer with your friends? It’s not that much when you’re used to spending it or when it’s just a few dollars at the time, right?

What if I told you that you could donate the SAME way?

The cost of your Venti Shaken Iced Tea (Black, No Sweetener, thanks :)) – $2.35
One iced tea a month to help CMNH for the rest of the year? $14.10
One a month until Race Weekend? $18.80

Your 6in Subway sandwich (with a drink and chips, duh) – $6ish
One lunch a week to help CMNH for the rest of the year? $36
Take me all the way to race weekend? $48

Margarita at Happy Hour (PLUS tip) – $5
Two happy hours a month for the rest of the year? $60
I can’t two in this month, but two a month and a Dry January resolution? $85

I know we all have expenses, so I ask that you consider a very small donation, what might you not miss? And then click the monthly donation option. Carry that small amount forward through December or all the way to February. It’s a (half) marathon, not a sprint. 

And every step, every single step (and dollar), gets us closer to the finish line.

It’s time to dust off this poor neglected blog to share some exciting news! I’ve recently committed to fundraising for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals for the Disney Princess Half Marathon on February 21, 2016. As a personal challenge, I’m going to make it a Coast to Coast event and do a race here in California in 2016 as well! I promise to update you regularly with progress and facts, but I wanted to let you all know right away about this opportunity to donate. I would love your support!

Click here to donate!

Click here to donate!

You mean I haven’t introduced my nephew yet?! He’s much bigger than this now, but that’s the point of a Throwback Thursday, right?

Love this little guy to pieces and love watching my sister transform into “mama.”

I should have way more words for such a big introduction, but I just don’t today. I’ll let his cuteness speak for itself.


On his very first day looking so peacful…


As a sweet, wee lad…


And the cutest little elephant you ever did see…

Wait til you see his perfect baby blue eyes the next time I get around to blogging (which hopefully won’t be on his first birthday but rather soon instead…). :)

Throwback Thursday

November 20, 2014

Oh, poor neglected blog. I wrapped up school portraits today and couldn’t resist a little Throwback Thursday action. It really is such an honor and privilege to be invited back and spend time at such an awesome school with such fantastic little people and staff. It’s so awesome and crazy to see how much the kids grow each year. It was especially fun to see some of the kids for the third year in a row this year!

So then, on to the pictures… the best part, right?


I flew to Sacramento Friday night to meet and photograph the beautiful Lily Bug on Saturday morning. She was such a good, sweet little baby. I have so many words to come, but for now, just a sneak peek. Welcome to the world baby girl, you are so very loved!




I once wrote a post featuring Amy Grant’s “Oh How the Years Go By” about how my little cousins were growing up too fast (newsflash: they still are).

Never was that more clear though than when I went to the preschool this week for school pictures.

Wait, first, let’s backtrack. I never wrote about last year’s pictures as it was such a whirlwind between shoots, proofs, orders, and delivery all in an incredibly short between-holidays time frame. It was incredible. I loved every moment and I should have taken the time to sum it all up after all was said and done.

I am beyond grateful that the school invited me to return this year. I feel so blessed and it makes my heart burst that the parents were so happy with the pictures of their little ones. Truly. That recognition of “you captured her spirit” or “that’s SO him” is exactly why I do what I do. I once read that “taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” To know that I found the hundredth of a second someone else savored, it is beyond rewarding.

So, back to how time flies. I spent two wonderful days with the kids at the preschool last fall and caught glimpses of them here and there a few other times when I was picking something up or dropping something off. As a result, the memories I have of these children are almost entirely of that first moment when they stepped in front of my camera – those photos that I stared at and edited for weeks after.

And then, I returned. Nearly one year later and all of these adorable, familiar faces greeted me – familiar, but not. Familiar, but much more grown. It was wonderful to see them again: to see how they changed, grown more confident, and to meet younger siblings too. Of course, it was also lovely to meet so many new little ones. Delights, each and every one.

Here’s a sneak peek of then and now. I figured since I didn’t post last year, I do a little side-by-side action for you. Last year is on the left and this year is on the right.

one year later wm 700px

a ONEderful year

March 19, 2013

We’ll pretend first that I’m not several months behind in blogging. Then, we’ll pretend like the year hasn’t raced by in epic fashion. Lastly, we’ll pretend that this beautiful family lives much closer to me so that I can see them more often. Deal? Deal.

This little man turned ONE last week and I am SO glad that I got to celebrate his ONEderful little life with his ONEderful parents and other awesome friends and family. He has changed so much since I last saw him… and even more since we took these. My how they grow!

I think my favorite part of it all was coming full circle from the engagement photos we took so long ago. These were the photos that signified and celebrate their decision to become a family and now they aren’t just husband and wife, but mother and father.

LCC turns ONE.

It’s beautiful. :) I feel so fortunate to watch the love continue to grow.

You know that feeling you get before the first day of school? Your skin is buzzing and your mind is racing as you try to prepare for all that’s to come? But mostly, you’re just so excited to meet everyone and begin? That’s how I feel right now.

This is a brand new venture. Next week, I embark down a new path. I’m taking all of the reasons I love family and child photography and bringing them to something new: school portraits. No, not your traditional black comb, blue backdrop kind. It’ll be my style… just applied to something new. I honestly don’t think I could be more excited. This takes what I love to do most and multiplies it.

I feel truly honored and blessed to have been chosen for this opportunity… to photograph beautiful little souls, meet new families, expand my business, and as always, do what I love.


How gorgeous is this space? Definitely better than I remember my own preschool’s playground.  Granted that might have been just a few years ago… ;) However, given that my alma mater is one of the most beautiful spaces I’ve ever encountered, I’m certainly not surprise a bit that the preschool on campus is so lovely.

 I had a great time with the three little munchkins that helped me test shoot last week and I can’t wait to meet the rest of the kids and get a glimpse at their bubbling little personalities.

Stay tuned for a few previews from next week’s school photos (and there’s a family session next weekend too!). And have you visited facebook yet?
Don’t forget – Breanne Leach Photography got social! :)

Getting Social!

October 24, 2012

Good afternoon friends!

I have a number of photos that I’m processing right now – I’ve been getting social and it’s time consuming! ;) Fun time consuming though – pumpkin patches, birthday parties, and all sorts of fabulous friend time.

I’ve also been getting social online – that’s right! Breanne Leach Photography’s facebook officially launched this week! I’m still in the process of adding a few more albums, but it’s coming along great and I couldn’t wait any longer to share it with you.

So, head over to facebook and let’s get social! And check back soon for some fun new personal shots from my recent excursions. :)

Cover Shoot!

October 18, 2012

I’ve been holding on to some exciting news and I’m so glad I can finally share it!

Last month, I did another photo shoot for the San Diego Natural History Museum – this time with their Annual Report in mind! It was so much fun working with the Museum again and these adorable little boys were great too!

We headed to the Zorro Garden in Balboa Park – more commonly known as the Butterfly Garden. The kids were such good sports and so gentle with the butterflies and caterpillar! Maybe they have entomology in their future!? :)

You can find the report here and see the photos they chose from our shoot (and the great work the Museum is doing!).! Here are a few of my favorites:

Zorro Garden (6)

Zorro Garden (12)

Zorro Garden (30)

Zorro Garden (47)

Zorro Garden (90)


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