Some families have reunions, we have Easter.

April 13, 2010

It’s tradition. Every year, we celebrate Easter with my mom’s family or perhaps more accurately my grandma’s side of the family. While we used to rotate houses, we seem to have recently settled into a routine of heading to Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Bob’s house. Every year, we have a big money egg hunt for the older kids. Every year, there is basketball in the backyard with the rim on the garage. Every year, there is dirt cake.

And every year, the Easter album is put out for circulation. We look at all of the pictures starting in the 1970s and ending with the previous year. You would think we’d tire of looking at the same pictures every year, but that’s never the case. We like to laugh at our clothes and hairstyles (thank you early 90s!). My immediate family lived in Northern California when I was little and we couldn’t always make it down for Easter with the rest of the family. I love that I can see the Easters I missed and those Easters from when I was too young to remember. I don’t think my aunt ever intended that this book would become a tradition. Traditions don’t often start as plans, but I know that I’m thankful for that this tradition has emerged. I think I can speak for everyone on that point. We’d be bummed if we didn’t get to look again at the hair, the un-boiled (but dyed) eggs, the baby kisses, and everything else in between.

Last year, I ended up taking most of the pictures on Easter Sunday and I realized late last week that I’d never had them printed! I sent them into CVS on Saturday afternoon so that they could be added to the book on Sunday. When I went to pick them up that evening, I found out that CVS’s photo center had been closed all day! My pictures weren’t ready and they had no idea when they would be. I feared that we’d end up not getting the pictures in the book until next year. However, they said their print-in-seconds machine was on, so I went home for the files and came back to “print them in seconds.” It was worth it to have those pictures in the book on Sunday. I love how photographs can spark our memories and remind us the love and bond we share as family. It is a great joy to share some of this year’s Easter pictures with you.

This is a series of photographs from Easter with my family.

My family is so good looking!

Easter 2010 (76) border watermark

Don’t you agree? :)


4 Responses to “Some families have reunions, we have Easter.”

  1. Candida said

    These pictures just made my whole evening! Thank you for sharing them (and you’re right; viewing them never gets old)! We are so blessed to have such an amazing photographer in the family!

    • Aw, yay and thank you! Your comment just made my night. I love looking at the pictures over and over. I need to get 2011’s pictures printed for this year. Easter will be here before we know it. It’s going to be so different, but it’ll still be amazing. :)

  2. Candida said

    We are so blessed to have you taking such beautiful pictures of memories in the making! Thank you for capturing such wonderful moments!

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