Master of Science in Nursing

June 2, 2010

I’m completely behind in posting… look forward to a handful of posts this week as I wrap up edits from my sister’s college graduation last weekend and complete the full posts with images from my anytime shoot with Lindsay and engagement shoot with Abby & James.

Tonight though, let’s focus on my beautiful, talented, and super smart friend Holly who just completed her Master of Science in Degree at the University of San Diego. I met Holly at the very beginning of her USD career six years ago. She came in a lovely, spirited freshman and I feel so blessed to witness and capture her achievements now. Her future patients are very lucky.

When I asked Holly where she wanted to go for her graduation pictures, she instantly said “USD… I mean after spending the last six years there…” and I couldn’t have agreed more. It was the perfect place to mark the occasion (and it’s beautiful to boot!). I had a tough time narrowing down the selections for this post as she had multiple outfits (have you ever seen someone so cute in scrubs?!) and we had a fabulous time frolicking all over campus, so I decided to choose a few from each location/outfit. I just can’t help myself when cute clothes and shoes are involved!

Holly's graduation pictures from the university of san diego nursing school


3 Responses to “Master of Science in Nursing”

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  2. Jaina said

    PS…love the star shaped bokeh in the first pic ;)

  3. Jaina said

    I <3 Holly, she's so super cute. These are great shots friend, I love them. I can see how you had trouble deciding between which ones to share. USD definitely makes for a fantastic photo backdrop. :)

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