Black Out

January 17, 2012

My senior year of college, I wrote my thesis on the influence of DIY media, specifically online photo-sharing, on society’s collective memory. Here’s an excerpt:

The internet offers a space of anonymity where opinions remain uncensored and available for many to encounter. With so many people coming into contact with news in non-traditional forms, it is imperative to examine how these spaces are creating a new, and perhaps separate, collective memory regarding an event. In this paper, I examined how photographs influence the collective memory of an event. More specifically, what role is the public taking in shaping the memory of an event through online photo-sharing and other “Do It Yourself” media forms? Professional publications no longer supply the only depiction of the way an event unfolded. They are no longer the central voice for how the public perceived that happening. The public plays a crucial role in shaping the memory of events through their regular interactions online. Furthermore, the photographs they post continually mold the current memory of an event and influence the way that event will be remembered in the future.”

SOPA and PIPA will stop our ability as a culture to take part in how we influence collective memory. Write your elected officials. Stop SOPA. I’m joining the rest of the internet and will be blacked out on January 18th.

Click the image to learn more about SOPA and PIPA. Click the image to join the movement. Click the image for resources. Be informed now… or censorship could prevent you from being informed in the future.

SOPA Strike


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