Throwback Thursday [Nephew Edition]

June 4, 2015

You mean I haven’t introduced my nephew yet?! He’s much bigger than this now, but that’s the point of a Throwback Thursday, right?

Love this little guy to pieces and love watching my sister transform into “mama.”

I should have way more words for such a big introduction, but I just don’t today. I’ll let his cuteness speak for itself.


On his very first day looking so peacful…


As a sweet, wee lad…


And the cutest little elephant you ever did see…

Wait til you see his perfect baby blue eyes the next time I get around to blogging (which hopefully won’t be on his first birthday but rather soon instead…). :)


One Response to “Throwback Thursday [Nephew Edition]”

  1. […] you know my sweet nephew is almost seven months old now?! He had a big day at the beginning of this month. He was baptized!! […]

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