A Bit About Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

August 4, 2015

Happy Tuesday!

So, as I previously mentioned, I’m currently fundraising… if you want all the fun training details, head over to my other blog. For today though, I’m cross-posting most of my most recent post because I want you to know about this awesome non-profit.

We haven’t really talked much about Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals beyond the very basics and maybe what you’ve read if you went to my donation page. To be honest, I actually didn’t know much before I contacted them about becoming a Miracle Maker and fundraising for this race.

CMNH is the presenting sponsor and celebratory charity for the runDisney Princess Half Marathon. As with other runDisney races, there are other charity groups that you can run with (ahem, stay tuned there…), but you can also fundraise directly for them. I looked at the different charities and was strongly debating between this one and a couple others, but then something BIG popped out for me.

They fundraise for 170 children’s hospitals through the U.S. and Canada, including hospitals I know and love in my own “backyard.” Not only that, but the donations would be specific to YOUR local hospital wherever the donor was – not just where I was and not just where the race was. I loved that! I know that I love to support my own community and it was great knowing that this fundraiser could help everyone help their own community.

The local hospitals use that money however they most need it – the best kind of gift! Funds have been used to cover uncompensated care, purchase equipment, and conduct research and training, wherever the greatest need is for that hospital!


Wow! I mean, seriously, WOW. Just recently, I saw a few different lists of the top Children’s Hospitals and while little things varied on the lists and rankings slightly changed, there was just about one thing that stayed consistent – every one I checked was a CMNH affiliated hospital.


Found on Pinterest

So now you know a little more, and I’ll keep sharing as I learn more too. What a fantastic resource and support for our hospitals! Feel inspired to donate? :)


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