Fall Mini Sessions Are Coming!

September 14, 2015

Hello all!

Fall mini sessions are coming to San Diego… WHERE in San Diego is still a little up in the air as the expected El Niño has could certainly dampen the situation. We will do our best to persevere and still get those Fall portraits done though, right? I’d love for you to join me! Please email me if you’re interested.

Mini Sessions 2015 - Fall


a ONEderful year

March 19, 2013

We’ll pretend first that I’m not several months behind in blogging. Then, we’ll pretend like the year hasn’t raced by in epic fashion. Lastly, we’ll pretend that this beautiful family lives much closer to me so that I can see them more often. Deal? Deal.

This little man turned ONE last week and I am SO glad that I got to celebrate his ONEderful little life with his ONEderful parents and other awesome friends and family. He has changed so much since I last saw him… and even more since we took these. My how they grow!

I think my favorite part of it all was coming full circle from the engagement photos we took so long ago. These were the photos that signified and celebrate their decision to become a family and now they aren’t just husband and wife, but mother and father.

LCC turns ONE.

It’s beautiful. :) I feel so fortunate to watch the love continue to grow.

I’ve decided to return to an older session with the birth of this new blog. On Christmas Eve morning, I had the pleasure of meeting Carley and her daughter at the park to document Tatum’s 18 months of life. The Little Miss wanted to “wing mama, wing!’ the whole time and we had a blast at the playground. We even ventured over to the beach promenade where we watched the waves, met a big dog, and blew some bubbles. I adored her lovely little tutu dress with cowboy boots and loved capturing the sweet and sassy nature of Carley’s little tater tot. Carley, I know I’ve thanked you before, but truly, I had a fabulous time. Thank you for letting me blog these photos of you and your sweet girl. I’m so blessed to know the two of you!

Photos from the park in downtown Ventura and also on the promenade by the beach of a toddler and her mom