Tea For Two

July 12, 2012

She takes her hand. She watches over her. She loves her dearly.
She’s the big sister after all.

But in a moment, the full name is yelled out followed by “that’s mine!” She is still young herself…
a big little girl.

She takes her hand. She looks up to her. She loves her dearly.
She’s the baby sister after all.

And in a moment, tears erupt because big sister has taken off down the trail without her.
She wants to be big too.

Big Sister. Little Sister. Forever Friends. Bonded.

Tea For Two Blog


I’ve decided to return to an older session with the birth of this new blog. On Christmas Eve morning, I had the pleasure of meeting Carley and her daughter at the park to document Tatum’s 18 months of life. The Little Miss wanted to “wing mama, wing!’ the whole time and we had a blast at the playground. We even ventured over to the beach promenade where we watched the waves, met a big dog, and blew some bubbles. I adored her lovely little tutu dress with cowboy boots and loved capturing the sweet and sassy nature of Carley’s little tater tot. Carley, I know I’ve thanked you before, but truly, I had a fabulous time. Thank you for letting me blog these photos of you and your sweet girl. I’m so blessed to know the two of you!

Photos from the park in downtown Ventura and also on the promenade by the beach of a toddler and her mom